Hilary Duff invites child No. 4: Unadulterated snapshots of enchantment

Hilary Duff invites child No. 4: Unadulterated snapshots of enchantment

Hilary Duff's fourth kid has joined the Duff-Bair-Comrie Team!

Townes Glade Bair joined the family through water birth on May 3, Duff's said on Instagram.

"I have been longing for embracing you for quite a long time, and the beyond five days of getting to know you, gaze at you, and smell you have been unadulterated snapshots of enchantment," Duff composed. "We as a whole love you like you've been here from the beginning, magnificence."

She additionally noted, "Presently, we know why she made us stand by so long... she was consummating those cheeks!"

Duff declared her pregnancy in a delightfully humorous Christmas card in December. "So much for quiet evenings," it read. The rear of the card included sweet photographs of the children alongside a note: "Lock in Buttercups; we're adding one more to this insane pack!"

She and her better half, Matthew Koma (who was conceived by Matthew Bair), are raising two young ladies: Banks, 5, and Mae, 3. She has a more seasoned child, Luca, 12, from her past union with Mike Comrie.

However, Duff has that pregnancy sparkle, and she has appeared to be restless for it to be finished.

She named a merry-go-round of pregnancy pictures on Instagram as "The pause." And on April 17, she posted photographs of a "slow week," saying that she's "tenderly attempting to give child the removal notice."

Despite the fact that Duff needed to play "hot medical caretaker" during Koma's new vasectomy, he seems to have been a help during this pregnancy.

In a new Instagram post subtitle, Duff stated: "Having four children is a really wild decision. And keeping in mind that you rage the ranchers market with the children following 4 evenings of shows and late evenings so I can get some rest and not hear, 'Mother Mom Mooooom,' simply know this main works as a result of you


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