UFC 301 Special Rules Consistence pay: Jose Aldo nets $21k for potential last UFC battle

UFC 301 Special Rules Consistence pay: Jose Aldo nets $21k for potential last UFC battle

UFC 301: Jose Aldo's Potential Farewell and Limited-Time Rules Consistence Pay


  • The UFC 301 event saw fighters earning UFC Limited Time Rules Consistence Pay totaling $280,000.
  • This pay program replaces the old UFC Competitor Equipping Strategy and covers various fighter requirements and media obligations.

Event Details

  • UFC 301 took place at Rio Field, with the main card broadcasted on pay-per-view and prelims on ESPN2 and ESPN+.

Fighter Payouts

  • Alexandre Pantoja earned $42,000, defeating Steve Erceg who earned $32,000.
  • Jose Aldo received $21,000 for his potential last UFC fight, defeating Jonathan Martinez who earned $11,000.
  • Anthony Smith earned $21,000, defeating Vitor Petrino who earned $4,500, and so on.

UFC Limited-Time Rules Consistence Program

  • Fighters are paid based on their total number of UFC appearances, as well as their fights in WEC and Strikeforce.
  • Payouts range from $4,000 to $21,000, depending on the fighter's experience and championship status.

Royalty Payments

  • UFC fighters also receive royalty payments, totaling 20-30% of any UFC merchandise sold featuring their likeness.

2024 UFC Limited-Time Rules Consistence Payouts

  • UFC 301: Pantoja vs. Erceg: $280,000
  • UFC on ESPN 55: Nicolau vs. Perez: $175,000
  • UFC 300: Pereira vs. Slope: $460,000
  • UFC Fight Night 240: Allen vs. Curtis 2: $162,500
  • And so forth, with a year-to-date total of $2,920,000 and a program-to-date total of $25,657,000.


  • For more details on the event, visit MMA Addict's event center for UFC 301.


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